Saturday, January 16, 2010

More Bout Me Entry~


Maybe all of you keep thingking actually how i look personally this entry i will share my favourite picture with some cool dresses that i wear and that why i love dresses it keep me look Kawaaiiii (in Malay we call comel la~)....

This is my close up when i had dinner during my training at GEMS Programme at Thistle Hotel Port Dickson.. This is the close-up yeah~

This is the full things that i wear at the dinner with Mary kate Shoes inspired and cool vintage dress with leather cute tote~ Of course the belt to make me look cute..
Not forgetting the cute hat on my head i bought it at Chamelon KLCC with great price and it with the net covering my face... Love it~

This is my latest picture at Penang Quensbay.. Relax n Go using Gintell massage chair just RM1 You get 3 min using this so relaxing after shopping~

This is our picture during HARI RAYA.... My Name is Nastasha and his name is Mohd Hafizee.. Hope we will married soon heehehehe~ Gatal~
Really miss him Last month is the last time I see him.. Hope next month we cant meet really miss you la syg~
This picture is tribute to alll~~(Boleh ke???~!)

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